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Rehabilitation Center

Rehabilitation is process in which a person is prepared to resume normal life after an illness, or to restore to their former status.

According to WHO, 2011,"a set of measures that assist individuals, who experience or are likely to experience disability, to achieve and maintain optimum functioning in interaction with their environments”.

It is an active process through which a person adapts or acquires the skills needed to overcome the constraints of disease. Duration of 12 - 24 weeks is required to teach them skills necessary for independent functioning and to promote whole-person recovery.

A premium rehabilitation service, we offer a world-class physical environment which is designed by a team of architects from London and India. The facility is spread over 5 acres with comfortable air-conditioned bedrooms, living areas, gym and landscaped outdoor space. We aim towards providing our residents not only with high standards of comfort but also an environment conducive to personal growth & effectiveness. In addition to the usual mainstay treatment program we offer various recreation facilities and vocational activities.



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