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Emergency Ambulance Services

We provide following types of road ambulance for transfer of patients in emergency and in critical positions also:-

A/C ICU/Advance Life Support Ambulance. We provide ICU/ALS Ambulances to transfer the patients in emergency and in urgent need. This type of ambulance has the facility of fully ICU facility with Doctor/attendant/para medic staff.

A/C Basic Life Support Ambulance. We also provide BLS ambulances to transfer the patients at their destination. This type of ambulance has the facility of oxygen cylenders, regulators, attendant, first aid kit, collapsible stretcher , scoop stretcher etc.

Non A/C and AC Patient Transport Ambulance. We also provide non A/C Patient Transport Ambulance to transfer the patients for short and long journey.

Note: (i)All types of ambulance vehicles are available for all over India and Nepal.

(ii)All the above ambulances are available on contract basis to Hospitals, Nursing Home, Corporate Sector, Private Organization, Company, Government Sectors etc also.


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